Monday, May 7, 2012

So What Alicia Silverstone Feeds her Child like a Bird!

I was watching a show on TV last night and yet again another segment about Alicia Silverstone came up about her feeding her child like a bird (chewing up food and giving it to her baby with her mouth).  Alright, so my first reaction when I heard this story and saw the pictures was..."OK that's different".  Would I do it? No, that what my food processor is for.  Who knows what her reasons are but it certainly does not mean she is somehow abusing her child or harming him in anyway.   Anyone who has recently visited the Zoo or African lion Safari has seen Apes, Chimps or Orangutans do this for their young.  What do you think humans use to do before we had tools and lived in a cave?  It wasn't so long ago that people thought breastfeeding was taboo and actually discourage against it, in favour for formula feeding. 

The proper term for this is Premastication or "Kiss-feeding" and it actually goes on in many cultures.  There are a long list of advantages and disadvantages, much like anything else.  It is much more prevelent in non western societies than you think.  In one study that was performed in China, they found that 63% of Chinese university students received permastication food as infants.  The practice is used today in Latin America and countries in Africa such as Zimbabwe.  The main health concern being the transmission of HIV to the infant.

Whatever the reasons are, Alicia, or other moms in western society have for continuing this practice to present day, people need to get over it.  I'm sure its mostly non parents that found this story appalling.  I personally find stories such as these interesting, because its always informative to read how other mothers mother their children.  We have the Kangaroo moms who carry their babies everywhere, parents who practice "the family bed" and now we have the bird feeders, whatever works, who cares as long as they aren't putting the baby in any danger or depriving them in some way.

I'm glad I'm not a celebrity and having someone take my picture at every opportunity to show the world and judge me.  I blog and get to edit what I share and what I do not share.  I have a 3 year old who isn't potty trained yet and I'm pretty sure I'll be changing her diapers until she goes to university, she watches "Tree House" in the mornings (Gasp!) and I even allow the odd donut.  But the best one yet, when she was 1, I used a Winnie the Pooh leash when we walked near busy streets because she liked to run all over the place.  How many times have I heard "leashes are for dogs" least I had peace of mind, knowing she wouldn't dart out infront of a car.  She's my child and I will raise her how I see fit! Every mother is allowed the gumption to say exactly that!


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  1. I just wanted to add that if I found out my mom did this to me as a baby, I would be grossed out lol. Just sayin...

  2. jennifer bannisterMay 9, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    Love it wendy, you are great at this. I may use the leash thing on grace